Higher Premiums- Less Networks -the New 2016 BCBS in the Triangle

BCBS NC is about to announce that all BCBS NC subscribers who buy their own insurance through the ACA Marketplace are going to be moved in to one of only two (2) LIMITED access networks for 2016.

There will now be only two (2) choices for BCBS members in the Triangle. Blue Local (Duke/Wake Med) or Blue Value (UNC/Rex/Wake Med) with Blue Value being more expensive. There are limited doctors in each of these plans. Many independent doctors will no longer be in either network.  If you choose to go to a non network doctor, you will pay out of network prices. Additionally with this big network change is also coming a big premium increase.

There are two other options in the Triangle. United Healthcare and Aetna/Coventry. We are anticipating both to be at lower premiums. Definitely a year to rethink all your options!

There is also no longer across NC “in network coverage” except in an “emergency” . What that is, is not yet defined clearly. United is in 100 counties and Coventry is also restricted but they have an equivalent network to Blue Local at anticipated lower premiums.

This is the year, you want to work with an Independent local agent to really understand all the new changes and make the best possible choice for you and your family.