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Sherie Bryan
Sherie Bryan


Certified and Licensed Health Insurance Agents

Agents at Health Plans Raleigh are fully certified NC Licensed Health Insurance Agents. We are also Affordable Care Act (Marketplace) specially certified agents. We are not “navigators” or Certified Application Counselors (“CACs”). When you call the Healthcare.gov marketplace, you are talking to a navigator, not to a licensed and certified health insurance agent.

What We Do That Others Can’t Do

Why does that matter? You are providing sensitive personal information. A health insurance agent is under the direct supervision of the NC State Dept of Insurance (NC DOI) and held to extremely high standards regarding protection of your private information. We are also fully trained on all the individual health insurance policies available on the Healthcare Marketplace and are appointed by the insurance carriers on the Marketplace.

Navigators are not under the NC Dept. of Insurance supervision. They are not licensed or trained by the insurance carriers. They can not give advice to help you pick out an insurance policy. They are not trained on the coverage and provisions of the various insurance policies.

When you apply for health insurance through the Marketplace, you’ll be offered a bewildering choice of various different insurance plans, each with different deductibles, maximum out-of-pocket costs, premiums, and co-pays. We are experts in evaluating which policy makes the most sense for your particular situation. Helping you to choose among the various policies in order to find the best insurance plan for you is the most valuable service we offer. Did we mention we are FREE to use? You pay no extra cost for getting expert advice from us.

Best Prices

Health insurance rates are regulated by the NC Department of Insurance. Whether you buy from us, directly from an insurance company or through the marketplace, you’ll pay the exact same monthly premium for every plan offered.

Incredible Customer Service

We know that purchasing health insurance can be really really confusing. We are independent agents representing multiple companies so we can offer professional and unbiased advice. Our licensed health insurance agents will help you find the best health insurance plan that meets your individual needs. Everyone is unique and we make sure you find the best price and the best plan.

We Do All The Work

Just one phone call. We do all the work.  We are quick, easy and make sure your application gets done correctly, efficiently and we verify it makes it to the company of your choice. We are FREE to use!

We Are There “Down the Road”

Another advantage of using an agent is we are free! But more importantly we are there down the road if a problem arises to help and answer questions. All for FREE!

Using us is a very smart decision! Call us today! (919) 926-0098.